Plastic Extrusion Process

The Tech Plas Extrusion Process

To manufacture custom designed and engineering polymer profiles Tech Plas utilises a systematic material manipulation process known as extrusion.

Extrusion is the process of applying heat and pressure to melt plastic polymers, common use includes PVC, PE, HDPE and ABS formulations. Once heated to a required temperature and consistent melt structure, the polymer is forced through a custom die to produce continuous shapes. These polymers are then cooled and formed into solid profiles with custom designed calibrators, which include chilled water and vacuum pressure. Tech Plas has a range of in-house machines allowing for a range of off-line procedures including punching, notching, cutting and printing.

The art of extruding complex profiles begins with the design and manufacture of the die and calibrator – all of which can be carried out in-house by Tech Plas’ experienced engineers and tool makers.
Tech Plas specialises in:

  • Complex profiles, from over 300mm in width for building and construction to smaller, more accurate profiles for industries such as mining machinery
  • Custom designed products to suit special applications and customer’s individual needs.
  • Custom pipes for use in industries such as furniture manufacture, agriculture, solar pool heating and mining.