TechBoard Environmental Policy

The TechBoard system presents an ideal means of minimising environmental impact and trade waste costs.

At the end of usable life, whether this is through age degradation or on-site customisation and damage, Tech Plas Extrusions has the ultimate goal to recycle used stock and provide the end users with a rebate on new stock. This ensures that the TechBoards have a completely circular product life cycle, saving both excessive landfill volumes and overall costs of scaffold stocks.

With the launch of the TechBoard system Tech Plas Extrusions is determined to recycle 100% of the TechBoard Scaffolding products. Due to the systems longevity, this is likely to take time, as the only boards recycled at the early stages will be due to damage or off-cuts. As such Tech Plas will endeavour to recycle all possible Tech Boards and utilise only best practice materials until the recycled supply of TechBoards meets the demand.

Tech Plas Extrusions proudly manufacture all products from best environmental practice PVC and actively participate in the Vinyl Council of Australia’s environmental product stewardship program.;

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