TechBoard Plastic Planks

The Smarter, Safer Plank that Costs Less and Lasts Longer

TechBoard is a revolutionary new plank designed to last longer and provide much lower life-cycle costs than timber based planks.

All TechBoards are designed to last, so they will not swell, are impervious to weather and water, will not corrode and are non-contaminable. And because they won’t degrade over time, maintenance and storage issues and associated costs are significantly reduced.

TechBoard Smart Plastic Plank Cost Savings

TechBoard Smart Plastic Plank Cost Savings


Safer for ALL Workers

  • 40% less weight than traditional timber boards
  • Safe to handle with no chance of splinters or cuts to workers
  • Non-conductive s --safe for use in electrically sensitive environments.
  • Fire & Smoke self-extinguishing
  • TechBoard plastic planks have supreme under-foot grip that provides enhanced safety advantages when working in wet environments or inclement weather and importantly, when placed under extreme loads, TechBoard will absorb the load and deflects whereas a timber plank may break.

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TechBoard Polymer Plank