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TechBoard – Engineered Polymer Board & Scaffold System


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TechBoard is completely recyclable and manufactured from best practice polymers

TechBoard – Engineered Polymer Board & Scaffold System

“TechBoard – designed and manufactured in Australia to adhere to the highest Australian and international standards. The TechBoard has significant advantages in longevity, weight, storage, ease of use, fire and smoke retardant and resistance to contamination; allowing for more efficient use on O&G facilities, site shutdown & maintenance, power generation, water treatment and food preparation sites.”

Tech Plas Extrusions - TechBoard System

The TechBoard System has been manufactured from an engineered PVC polymer and adheres to the highest international scaffolding standards, including fully compliant with AS/NZS 1577:2013 .
With a particular focus for hazardous environments or niche applications the TechBoard has valuable use internationally for companies involved in industrial scaffolding and rigging with tube and fit/couple jobs.
Manufactured in Australia by Tech Plas Extrusions the TechBoard System has the backing of over 30 years of polymer experience and quality.
Adhering to required industry standards and with proper use the TechBoard can be utilised for many years of safe service.
At the end of the TechBoards serviceable life Tech Plas are able to recycle them in to the next generation and provide a rebate on a new stock of products.

TechBoard Scaffolding System! The system addresses the concerns of scaffolders and access specialists across Australia and internationally Click here to view the accessories range designed for the TechBoard System including customisable end-caps, safety joiners and lap safety ramps.

At Tech Plas Extrusions, we pride ourselves on a commitment to quality, safety and environmental stability. The TechBoard and all associated accessories have been thoroughly tested by NATA approved laboratories across Australia including ALS Global, LMATS – Metallurgical Testing Services, Trinity Scientific in conjunction with Deakin University and the MSTC- Mine Safety Technology Center . These facilities have assured Tech Boards compliance for everything from mechanical testing at extreme temperatures to fire/smoke and electrostatic discharge requirements for mine sites!

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Tech Board set up for a 22m training and display ladder, Western Australia Summer 2016. Initial longevity trials of the TechBoard show no adverse affects due to heat and UV from direct sun exposure during some of WA’s harshest Summers!
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The TechBoard has been tested for impact and strength during harsh weather conditions and is compliant with MDG3608 for fire, smoke and antistatic properties . Coupled with the light weight and the excellent grip underfoot the TechBoard encourages a safer environment for all workers Mining, Maintenance & Shutdowns


Tech Boards are not negatively impacted by moisture, will not allow for propagation of bacteria and requires no additional protection against bug infestation; allowing for ideal use in water treatment and sensitive environmental areas. Water and Hazardous Environments >>

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