TechBoard Scaffolding

Smart People Doing Smart Things with Plastic

  • TechBoard Polymer PVC Scaffold Plank

The Smarter, Safer Plank that Costs Less and Lasts Longer

TechBoard is a revolutionary new scaffolding plank designed to last longer and provide much lower life-cycle costs than timber based planks.

All TechBoards are designed to last, so they will not swell, are impervious to weather and water, will not corrode and are non-contaminable. And because they won’t degrade over time, maintenance and storage issues and associated costs are significantly reduced.

Weight savings of up to 40% per plank and 25% when installed with additional tube and clips encourage a more economic project. Further, the impervious nature of TechBoard makes maintenance and storage significantly easier by removing the costly requirements for undercover storage and drying.

These benefits all lead to reduced lifecycle costs. TechBoard has been tested to last significantly longer than traditional timber based planks, meaning you don’t have to pay trade waste and replacement costs. Our unique pricing structure means that after less than two years of use, TechBoard planks will return a positive cost advantage.

Given standard use TechBoard will guarantee the planks. After 3 years of use TechPlas aims to recover all used boards from you for recycling upon new plank purchase.

So the longer you use TechBoard, the more you will save and the better the environmental impact as the TechBoard manufacturing and intended recycling process leaves a clear carbon trail for sustainability.


Safer for ALL Workers

Using TechBoard polymer scaffolding planks protects your workers
and helps reduce on-site injuries and accidents.

TechBoard is up to 40% less weight than traditional timber board and
its lighter weight makes it easier to handle and easier to assemble on site leading to less ‘heavy-load’ injuries.

TechBoards are incredibly safe to handle with no chance of splinters or cuts to workers, are non-conductive so they are safe for use in electrically sensitive environments. Additionally TechBoard are self-extinguishing in fire and are safety compliant for smoke toxicity (oxygen index) and ignitability with minimal damage caused by direct hot-works activities.

TechBoard has supreme under-foot grip that provides enhanced safety advantages when working in wet environments or inclement weather and importantly, when placed under extreme loads, TechBoard will absorb the load and deflects whereas a timber plank may break.

The many safety properties of TechBoard are especially beneficial for access solutions in sensitive and hazardous environments such as wet, hygienic, environmental, flammable, electrical, chemical, and fungal avoidance areas.

TechBoard complies with the world’s toughest scaffold standards and is AQIS exempt and AS/NZS 1577:2013 compliant. Its strong polymer construction qualities provide many further safety and assurance benefits.

Backed by TechPlas

Established in 1985, Tech Plas is a wholly owned and operated Australian company specialising in the manufacture of custom extrusions, specialty pipes and more recently, innovative new product solutions such as the fully tested and compliant TechBoard engineered polymer scaffolding plank.

Tech Plas have built and protected a hard-earned reputation for responsive, proactive, transparent and honest customer service and dependable technical capability for over 30 years. Our clients include: CSR, GE Mining and James Hardie. TechBoard has been used on various sites across Australian and New Zealand including wastewater treatment plants, coal mines, power stations, processing facilities, civil works and various food processing facilities such as dairies.

Through these partnerships Tech Plas have a track record of providing value-added services to ensure their customers end-use application is fully maximised.

Our mix of family ownership with invested staff, creates an atmosphere that builds trusted relationships both internally and externally.

Tech Plas clients across Australia value the fact that when they pick up the phone they can immediately talk to someone who can help them.

Working with the Tech Plas  you know you are working with a trusted business partner who you can depend on.