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Smart People Doing Smart Things with Plastic

TechPlas Extrusions foundation is our staff and our history of providing innovative solutions to our customers.

Our staff are highly trained and have decades of experience working with plastic, in manufacturing, engineering design, customer service and business management.

TechPlas has a range of proprietary, standard and client owned products, ensuring high quality in complex and custom profiles for a variety of industries.

  • Scaffolding and Industrial Maintenance
  • Mining and Exploration
  • Decking and Flooring
  • Building and Construction Profiles
  • Permanent Formwork
  • Cool-Room & Insulation Panel
  • Traffic Management & Fencing
  • Windows & Glazing
  • Custom & Solar Pool Pipe

The Product You Need - When You Need It!

TechPlas quality assurance is one of the most stringent in Australia.

Our in-house quality team backs up our production staff to ensure that you receive your product on-time and within spec.

TechPlas manufactures in Pendle Hill, NSW and is nimble enough to have a history of working with clients to help out in a pinch!

A Trusted Business Partner You Can Depend On

Having a range of blue-chip companies as TechPlas partners for over 30 years is no small feat!

We are proud to have serviced clients in the building, construction, plumbing supply and formwork industries for over 3 decades.

Since first establishing in Botany Bay in 1985 TechPlas has helped over 600 clients in developing over 2,500 different custom extrusion profiles.

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TechPlas Since 1985



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