Innovative Solutions

Innovative product design and manufacture

Given our experience and innate understanding of plastic, we constantly seek new uses that replace historic and existing materials using the many benefits of plastic to create new and innovative products.

We then proactively design and manufacture a broad range of proprietary products including:

  • TechBoard Scaffold planks and accessories
  • PolyPost – Recycled PVC star-pickets
  • Traffic management accessories
  • Load Restraint angles
  • Glow-in-the-dark products
  • Electrical pull-through cable snakes
  • PVC Storage Hooks – Ideal for pools, sheds and garages

TechBoard Planks

The smarter plank that costs less and lasts longer

TechBoard is a revolutionary new scaffolding plank designed to last longer and provide much lower life-cycle costs than timber based planks. TechBoard planks will not splinter, are impervious to weather and water, will not corrode, are non-contaminable and are non-conductive.

Lightweight and easy to carry, TechBoard makes maintenance and storage significantly easier by removing the costly requirements for undercover storage and drying.

Safer for all workers

Using TechBoard polymer scaffolding planks protects your workers and helps reduce on-site injuries and accidents. TechBoard is up to 40% lighter than traditional timber board making it easier to handle and to assemble on site leading to less ‘heavy-load’ injuries.

Clever solutions for every product challenge

TechPlas PolyPost
Saves you Time
Saves you Money
Saves your Back
  • No need for insulators
  • Up to 70% lighter than steel
  • Installed the same as steel pickets
  • Made from recycled PVC
  • Non-corrosive
  • Long lasting: 50+ years
  • Proudly made in Australia
Traffic Management Solutions

TechPlas traffic management product range offers a solution for all road and pedestrian signage; including Barrier Boards, Guide Posts and PolyPost star-pickets.

Our traffic management range has a significant advantage over Steel and Timber posts as they are recyclable, lightweight, tough, UV stabilised for long life, highly visible, never rust or rot and are significantly safer – having less injury risk from impact.


Load Angle Pallet Ange Colours TechPlas 2
Load Restraint Angles

Pallet angles used for safer load restraint, available in a range of individual colours. Showcasing the potential strength and versatility of TechPlas products.

Glow in the Dark Electrical Products

Utilising smart material formulations TechPlas is able to create a glow-in-the-dark range of safety and electrical products.

New Twist on Extrusion

This product shows the versatility and capability of TechPlas ingenuity and value-added post processing.

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