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Smart Planks and Accessories

The smarter plank that costs less and lasts longer

TechBoard is a revolutionary new scaffolding plank designed to last longer and provide much lower life-cycle costs than timber based planks. TechBoard planks will not splinter, are impervious to weather and water, will not corrode, are non-contaminable and are non-conductive.

Lightweight and easy to carry, TechBoard makes maintenance and storage significantly easier by removing the costly requirements for undercover storage and drying.

TechBoard Cost Value Brochure 2020

Safer for all workers

Using TechBoard polymer scaffolding planks protects your workers and helps reduce on-site injuries and accidents. TechBoard is up to 40% lighter than traditional timber board making it easier to handle and to assemble on site leading to less ‘heavyload’ injuries.


600mm – 3900mm in 300mm increments – MOQ 1 x Pack of 50 (600/900mm are 100 / pack)

Stocked 3000mm of TechBoard LITE and TechBoard Ultra

Standard Concrete White with custom colours available on request

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