TechPlas SoleBoard

Performance under pressure

They may cost a little more, but they last a lot longer
Look for the orange end caps for superior safety or open hexagons for cost savings.

Australian-made TechPlas SoleBoards are engineered from ultra-tough PVC that is impervious to water and won’t corrode, so you can use them over and over for longer.
Even though your initial outlay is higher for TechPlas SoleBoards, they can last 5 times longer and provide much lower life-cycle costs than timber sole boards that swell, warp, crack and splinter.

You’ll save money on storage too. Unlike timber sole boards, there is no need to store TechPlas SoleBoards undercover or separate wet planks with packers to dry.

Each TechPlas SoleBoard is strong enough to carry a 3.5-tonne load and, because they don’t absorb water, they remain lighter to carry and transport. Their textured surface provides better grip for base plates, better stability and less movement especially when placed on the ground.



  • Longer Lasting
  • Hi-Vis Orange End-Caps
  • High Surface Grip
  • Will not warp, swell or crack
  • Made from recycled PVC
  • Proudly Made in Australia

Saves you Time

Saves you Money

Saves your Back

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