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The management of Tech Plas Extrusions declares that, in the execution of its business operations, the safety (including health and well-being of employees) and the environmental policy, in addition to ensuring profitable growth and employment, forms a full and integrated part of the company policy.

Under safety and environment policy, we are committed to comply with applicable legislation and regulations. In addition, to the extent practicable, we continually aim to improve our achievements in term of safety and environment, through:

  • appropriate measures to limit and where possible prevent ( personal ) risks, damage, loss and fire;
  • the promotion of good working conditions;
  • the prevention, control and reduction of emissions to air, water, soil and of noise ;
  • the prevention, control and reduction of waste streams;
  • the evaluation of environmental and safety aspects in relation to the purchase and use of raw materials, auxiliary materials and chemicals;
  • the evaluation of environmental and safety aspects in relation to process development and the purchase of machinery and equipment;
  • adequate training, education and involvement of employees with regard to safety and environment management;
  • The promotion of good relations and communications with the government and third parties in relation to safety and environment issues
  • Tech Plas Extrusions is committed to the end of life cycle policy for its PVC products. Arrangements are in place with recyclers to reuse recycled materials when they reach to the end of life cycle.

We are committed to take appropriate measures to control and reduce the adverse effects of our business operations in terms of safety and environment, taking into account the best available techniques and technology.

We require our contractors and suppliers conform to this safety and environment policy.The care and attention for a safe, healthy and environmentally sound execution of the business operations is the responsibility of every employee.

Grant McMillan

Managing Director

Tech Plas Extrusions Pty Ltd.