Standard Extrusions

Standard extrusions for many applications

Our areas of expertise include extrusion profiles used extensively in the building industry (formwork components, general trims, custom fittings, drainage, flooring tongues) and pressure pipes used for pools, solar, stormwater and vacuum needs.

Many of these profiles are kept in stock.

These include modular building PVC trims, 40/50mm pressure pipe, stormwater pipe, 50mm vacuum pipe, PVC furniture pipe, flooring tongues, PVC waterproofing angles (50×50, 75x50mm).


Coolroom products

  • Coolroom Channels
  • Fascia Profiles
  • PVC Angles
  • Hydroponic Section Profiles
  • Drainage Profiles

Building profiles

  • Cap Moulds
  • Straight Joints
  • Foam Angles
  • Standard Angles
  • Batten Covers
  • Drainage Channels
  • Flooring Tongues
  • Waterproofing Angles

Custom Piping

  • Pressure Pipes
  • Solar Pipes
  • Vacuum Pipes
  • Furniture Pipes
  • Stormwater Pipes
  • Special Purpose Pipes

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