TechPlas Environmental Policy

TechPlas Environmental Policy

TechPlas Environmental Policy

As a Signatory to the Australian PVC Industry’s Product Stewardship Commitment, administered by the Vinyl Council of Australia, TechPlas Extrusions adheres to the principles and commitments of the Stewardship Program as an integral part of this Environmental Policy.

Click here for the current version of our Environmental Policy.

Tech Plas encourages the responsible use of all polymer based products at end of usable life. If uncontaminated most PVC products can be recycled into other useful products, TechPlas has arrangements with many of our local customers to arrange for the return and ultimate recycling of PVC products (such as clean off-cuts from customer post-processing).

Click here to go to the Vinyl Council of Australia Sustainability website, where you can find additional information on the end-of-life usage and disposal of PVC. Here you can find a list of PVC recycling facilities in your state.

TechPlas Extrusions is committed to the end of life cycle policy for its PVC products. Arrangements are in place with recyclers to reuse recycled materials when they reach to the end of life cycle.

We are committed to take appropriate measures to control and reduce the adverse effects of our business operations in terms of safety and environment, taking into account the best available techniques and technology.

We require our contractors and suppliers conform to this safety and environment policy. The care and attention for a safe, healthy and environmentally sound execution of the business operations is the responsibility of every employee.

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