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Tech Plas Extrusions is an industry leader in Australia for Custom Plastic Extrusions


“Tech Plas goes to extreme lengths to get it right. Not only in the treatment or capability of our plastic extrusions processes, but in the way we treat our clients. That’s what stands us apart……It’s The Lengths We Go To!”

Tech Plas - PVC pipe - Plastic Extrusions


Tech Plas is a team of experts in plastic extrusions and this talented group of professionals forms the basis of our success as a company. There are many components that make up the mix but the most important element of TECH PLAS is its people. Our clients can be confident that we are able to solve problems and find better ways to meet and exceed their expectations. That’s because the TECH PLAS focus is its clients. Sure, we have the latest technology, the best people in their field and an array of services second to none in extrusions, but TECH PLAS prides itself on customer satisfaction. Another fact that reflects our client focus philosophy is our ability to design and develop custom extrusion solutions for any application. This is evidenced by our range of specialty products like ‘Eureka Posts’ ‘Grow Tech’ Hydroponics and the ‘Rain Tech’ down pipe.

WE SPECIALISE IN CUSTOM EXTRUSIONS. Tech Plas has an extrusion solution for every application. AFTER ALL, EXTRUSIONS ARE ALL WE DO! Click here to enquire about your custom profile requirements. At TECH PLAS, we pride ourselves on a commitment to quality and ensuring we have our processes and end results are second to none. We are constantly improving, making sure to stay in front of the world’s best practices ensure lightning quick response times.


Building Profiles
Tech Plas - Building Profile - Plastic Extrusions

Tech Plas Extrusions produces a wide range of uPVC profiles for the building industry including straight joints, cap moulds, internal and external angles, perforated angles, render beads and flashing moulds. Read More >>

PVC Pipe
Tech Plas - PVC Pipe - Plastic Extrusions

Tech Plas Extrusions manufactures a large range of uPVC Pressure Pipe for high pressure water systems in various industry groups including stormwater, pool building, heating and agriculture. Read More >>

Star Posts
Tech Plas - Star Posts - Plastic Extrusions

Impact and UV stabilised Rigid PVC Star Posts. Customisable for any colour with a minimum run, or commonly stocked in white. These posts are ideal for temporary fences, electric wiring or where you need the post to stand out!”. Read More >>

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